Government Maharaja College, Chhatarpur is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Madhya Pradesh. It has the rare distinction of having completed one hundred years of its inception in 1985-86. It's Centenary Celebration was marked by the gracious presence of the then president of India, Hon. Gyani Jail Singh. This College has been serving the cause of education right from the times of the erstwhile princely state of Chhatarpur. The College can now feel proud of having produced a large number of distinguished persons such as Hon'ble Banchu, Ex-Governor of M P, who have made significant contribution in various social, education and administrative fields. The many sided achievements of the college are fully in keeping with the expectations of Colonel Thomson who had remarked in 1865: "This institution will make a mark in the academic field in times to come."

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Dr. L. L. Kori - Principal of Maharaja College

Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

I am privileged to be the head of the institution which over hundred years of history has produced a galaxy of alumni who have occupied pivotal positions in all walks of life. This college with a glorious heritage is dedicated to excellence in the field of higher learning and is committed to the cause of empowerment of masses through the instrument of education; excellence in academics and extra-curricular/co-curricular activities. With dedicated and qualified faculty we endeavour to provide best possible academic environment to the students admitted in this College year after year. I shall carry forward the mission of providing you better academics in a perfectly disciplined and salubrious atmosphere.

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